Programme Info

Duration: 4-weeks Programme
Prerequisites: None
Certification: None
Assessment: None

Programme Overview

To achieve a successful Digital Enterprise, an organisation needs a comprehensive competency development plan to equip and advance their teams' capabilities and proficiency towards organisational excellence.
Larger and more established companies that have bigger IT landscape usually embedded a dedicated Enterprise Architecture (EA) team. The EA team assist in overseeing the whole technology and business transformation journey to support the vision, mission and motivation of the key stakeholders. They will establish the guidelines in aligning the technology with the business strategy for successful digital transformation journey. This to ensure consistency across every departments and avoid any silos initiatives.
Through this 4-weeks EA training, workshop series cum clinic, we will assist organisations to embark on their Digital Transformation and Digital Enterprise Architecture (EA) journey to jumpstart their build up in Digital EA competency.

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The Key Learning Objectives:

The participants will be able:
  1. To understand on how to define and establish the EA Framework and Metamodel for the organisation.
  2. To understand the concept on the Digital EA Structure and be able to set up and configure the EA Repository (SaaS-based) based on the defined EA Framework and Metamodel Design.
  3. To understand on how to implement Digital EA using one pilot application project/system and perform validation on the viability of the EA Framework and Metamodel.

Recommended For

This programme is suitable for organisations who require understanding of EA Framework and how it may be used to unleash digital transformation potential with Enterprise Architecture within the organisation.

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