EA Skillsets - The IASA Certifications

Iasa (The Global IT Architect Association) is the premier association focuses on the IT architecture profession by leading the best practices in Enterprise Architecture for the corporate and government sectors. Iasa delivers education programmes and services to enterprise architects of all levels around the world.
Established in 2002, the association is committed to improve the quality of the enterprise architecture professionals by delivering standards and develop accreditation programmes and services to optimise the development of architecture profession. Iasa membership consists of approximately 80,000 members located in over 50 countries.
The Iasa certification programmes are the first global industry certifications that are completely vendor independent. The training curriculum is built around the five pillars of IT Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABoK), developed by a group of professional architects from various industry with world’s best practices.
ATD is the sole authorised provider and distributor of all Iasa’s architecture training & certification programmes in Asia Pacific. Our accredited learning programmes are conducted by qualified and experienced coaches and consultants who are all Iasa certified.

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