Enterprise Architecture Virtual Conference 2020

Enterprise Architecture Virtual Conference 2020

Date: 17th December 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Live Streaming
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Back in 2011, Gartner predicted that within 10 years, the majority of global enterprises would support Enterprise Architecture (EA) as a distinct discipline that is integral to business planning. Now, in 2020, EA has grown from a support function into a highly strategic one, responsible for designing an intelligent information architecture that supports digitalisation and innovation. By 2023, 60% of EA practices will design intelligence into their business and operating models to support strategy development and execution.
Today, and for the foreseeable future, organisations will face ever-increasing levels of complexity and uncertainty. Many believe that EA will help organisations address such difficult terrain by guiding the design of adaptive and resilient enterprises and their integrated information systems.
As a first step to starting EA adoption as a solution for overcoming the future enterprise challenges, Singapore Computer Society EA Chapter is bringing our first virtual conference to you!

The virtual Conference will deliberate on the following:

  • -Best practices for driving successful digital transformation journey
  • -Transform towards digital business with enterprise architecture
  • -Design the organisations with strategic values and new capabilities to thrive in the today uncertain world
  • -Experience sharing on the effective EAO functions in addressing to various stakeholders' requirements
9.00AM Guest Registration
9.05AM Opening by Host
Aaron Tan Dani, President of Enterprise Architecture Chapter
9.10AM Welcome Address
9.25AM Panel Discussion #1: Navigating the Enterprise Complexity with Architecture for Successful Digital Transformation Journey
Every organisation wants to transform digitally not only for survival but also to gain a competitive edge, however many challenges are presence during the transformation journey. Beside equipping their people with digital competencies, streamlining processes in place and adopting the right technology solution that can continuously support the business evolution, the organisation must also have the clear picture on every enterprise aspects so that a quick decision making process with the right information at hand are readily available. In this session, the panellists will be sharing their experience, practices, skills, frameworks and technologies that are adopted by organisations who are the leaders in driving successful digital transformation journey.
10.10AM Intermission / Break
10.20AM Featured Speaker Presentation #1: What’s Next in the New Norm? How Enterprise Architecture can be leveraged to transition an enterprise moving towards digital adoption?
How businesses evolve to thrive in this “New Norm” as the world is navigating the pandemic situation? This presentation will share the vision on how Enterprise Architecture will help organisations transforming itself towards digital business and how embracing digital technology adoption that is linked with the business strategy can propel an organisation in fostering innovation and creating new capabilities that are not possible in the past.
10.50AM Featured Speaker Presentation #2: Architect for Resilience — The Journey to Conquer an Uncertain World with Enterprise Architecture
Many organisations aim to grow and drive innovations, but they are mostly faced with ever increasing uncertainty. One thing is clear and certain: organisations need to transform digitally, and the way business is understood must undergo fundamental changes where enterprise entities need to be architected and managed using EA-way. In this session, we will look at resilience on how to design organisations that can thrive in the today uncertain world by having established the Digital Enterprise Map which reflects dependencies and provide impact analysis capabilities can prove IT beyond just supporting the business, but also provide strategic values in realizing business technology.
11.20AM Intermission / Break
11.30AM Panel Discussion #2: Building an Effective Enterprise Architecture Office (EAO) in Context of Organisational Transformation
Enterprise Architecture is gaining attention as a methodology for addressing digital transformation needs of today’s complex business and technology landscapes. Many organisations have established their EAO to keep their IT and Business both aligned, however how effective are their functions of Enterprise Architecture Offices setup remains a challenge as we need to balance between architecting and solutioning capabilities. In this session, EA practitioners will be sharing their experiences with some considerations to ensure EAO functions are effective in addressing and satisfying various stakeholders, namely Steering Committees, PMOs and Service Delivery teams.
12.00PM End of Virtual Conference
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