Digital Enterprise Architecture Webinar Series

Mastering Information Architecture
(Course Preview for IASA CITA-A Information Architecture)
Date:13 August 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 2.00pm (GMT+8 – SGT, HKT, MYT ) / 1.00pm (GMT+7 – Jakarta Time)

  • - Gain a masterful insight into information architecture for strategic business decision making process.
  • - Explore the role and responsibilities of Information Architect as an integral to enterprise success.
  • - Discover the advanced skills in in data management lifecycle stacks.
  • - Learn how to obtain values from information and create an information architect strategy for your organisation.

Mastering Infrastructure Architecture
(Course Preview for IASA CITA-A Infrastructure Architecture)
Date: 3 September 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 2.00pm (GMT+8 – SGT, HKT, MYT ) / 1.00pm (GMT+7 – Jakarta Time)

  • - Explore the role and responsibilities of Infrastructure Architecture as a key member of project team to provide technology platform leadership in both application design and development.
  • - Gain insight the rigorous design methodology and cost optimisation that consistently yield the right level of technical design documentation
  • - Discover infrastructure quality attribute techniques to support enterprise business applications on a robust platform.
  • - Address the infrastructure reusability and services in addition to communicating infrastructure concepts to all levels of management.

Mastering Software Architecture & Design Fundamental 
(Course Preview for Architecting Software with AAOD)
Date: 8 October 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 2.00pm (GMT+8 – SGT, HKT, MYT ) / 1.00pm (GMT+7 – Jakarta Time)

  • - Understand the IT Architecture management structure and how it can be transformed into value centric initiative.
  • - Gain high-level IT governance overview and learn IT architecture Return On Investment (ITA-RoI) modelling techniques as a critical success factor for any IT Architecture adoption.
  • - Appreciate how IT can help to maximise business values and boost productivity, and deliver strategic advantages to both business operations and stakeholders.
  • - Learn to produce accurate Business Requirements artifacts that will serve as a common communication platform for various IT initiatives.

Note: Registrants will be received a separate confirmation email with the joining procedures at least 3 days prior to the webinar meeting.

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