Webinar: The Value of EA for the C-Suite - Why Executives Should Care About Enterprise Architecture

Webinar: The Value of EA for the C-Suite - Why Executives Should Care About Enterprise Architecture
Thursday, 22 October 2020
2pm (+8 GMT) / 1pm (+7 GMT)


Many enterprise architects struggle with convincing their C-level executives of the value of their work. Why should C-level management care? In this webinar, we will outline the key reasons why EA provides essential insights for executives that no other discipline can provide. And this is not about technology; the role of architects in that is par for the course.

The webinar will approach the subject from different and more strategic angles. These include:

  • -Capital allocation: This is # 1 responsibility of a CEO. How do you align investments with the strategic direction of the enterprise?
  • -Customer centricity: How do you organize your enterprise around your customers and their needs?
  • -Business agility: How do you speed up change and make your enterprise more adaptive?
  • -Compliance: How do you address the constantly increasing regulatory pressure?
  • -Resilience: How do you strategically manage business continuity in the face of cyber threats, economic turbulence, natural disasters, pandemics, and other disruptions?

Guest Speaker: Marc Lankhorst

Marc Lankhorst is managing consultant and chief technology evangelist at BiZZdesign. He is responsible for BiZZdesign’s vision, market development, consulting and coaching on digital business design and enterprise architecture, and for spreading the word on the ArchiMate® language for enterprise architecture modeling,  the Open Group standard of which he has managed the development. His expertise and interests range from enterprise and IT architecture and business process management to agile methods, portfolio management and digital business design.

Marc has written numerous scientific and business publications and he is the primary author of two books, “Enterprise Architecture at Work”, which describes the ArchiMate language, and “Agile Service Development”. Marc is a certified TOGAF9 enterprise architect, and holds an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Twente and a PhD from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.


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