Graduates Enhancement scheme For Employability (GENERATE 2.0) for ATD Certification Programmes


  1. GENERATE 2.0 is an initiative specifically designed to enhance the employability among unemployed graduates.
  2. The objectives of the GENERATE 2.0 scheme are to equip, develop and assist unemployed graduates with:

    • Relevant skill sets and knowledge as required by the industries;
    • Explore new routes for trainee career market
    • Relevant working experience that can enhance their employability; and
    • Job placement.

Target Group / Eligibility

The target group for this scheme is as follows:

  1. Malaysian graduates who have successfully acquired their Diploma, Degree; and
  2. Are unemployed for at least 3 months or more after completion of studies;
  3. Newly recruited graduates in PSMB registered companies (within 1 year after completion of studies).
  4. HRDF Registered Companies.

Procedures to Submit Grant Application by Employers and Approval of Training Grant Application

Employers are required to submit grant applications via PSMB’s online system at least 1 week (7 working days) before commencement of the training. Employers are advised to submit the application early to ensure approval is given before the commencement of training.
Submission of online grant application forms (PSMB/GEN2/1/19) must be complete with supporting documents as follows:

  1. GENERATE2.0 Training proposal
  2. Course Fee Details (Quotation)
  3. A copy of trainee MyKad (Identify Card); and
  4. A copy of Diploma / Degree; and
  5. A copy of offer letter (newly recruited graduates); or
  6. A copy of undertaking letter from PSMB employer (fresh graduates who remain unemployed for 3 month or more)
The maximum number of trainee per grant application is 25 trainees per class, or 5 trainees for public courses.

The allowable financial assistance for the GENERATE2.0 is as below:
Item Type of Training Allowable Rates
Course fee Public RM1,300.00 / day / pax *Certification Course, as per charge. Detailed breakdown of the costing is required for evaluation purposes.
In-house RM6,000.00 /day/group (Technical Skills) *Certification Course, as per charged. Detailed breakdown of the costing is required for evaluation purposes.
Allowance Daily / Meal Allowances Based on current allowable *maximum allowable per trainee is RM1,000/ month
As for the incentive, PSMB will fully fund the course fee up to RM10,000.00 per trainee. Any balance amount for course fees that is more than RM10, 000.00 per trainees, will be borne by employers using their HRD levy.
Please visit HRDF – GENERATE 2.0 for full details.

Procedure Claim By PSMB Employer

Submission of claim by Employers should be made within 3 months after the training is complete. Payment of course fee and reimbursement for allowance will be based on successful job placement. No claims can be made in between the training classes for partial payment.
Payment for the course fee and allowance is subject to the number of training days attended by each trainee. Payment will not be made if trainees attend less than 90% of the full training course and do not take the examinations / tests, if any.
Payment will be made directly to the appointed PSMB training provider based on the approved claim during the claim submission. Meanwhile the allowance will be reimbursed to Employers directly.
If the PSMB employer fails to ensure the trainee is employed, they are not entitled to claim the course fees from PSMB and payment to the PSMB Training Provider must be fully borne by the employer.
Please visit HRDF – GENERATE 2.0 for full details.

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