Launching of TOGAF® Business Architecture Level 1

Business Architecture (BA) is a specialization of enterprise architecture that focuses exclusively on the business elements of organizational structure. This can include information, processes, capabilities, and so on. Just like with Enterprise Architecture, the goal is to optimize efficiency and ROIs, while also giving managers and stakeholders a heightened level of perspective and clarity for making crucial decisions. With TOGAF being such a globally renowned name in business and enterprise architecture, the TOGAF Business Architecture qualification can also help business architects to unlock highly valuable networking and career opportunities.

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Attend this webinar session to gain insight on how to be a successful Business Architect and the VALUE of TOGAF Business Architecture Credential

  1. Define Business Architect's role and explore the EA training competency roadmap
  2. Key concepts, including business capabilities, business modeling, information mapping, value streams, and TOGAF business scenarios
  3. The purpose and value of developing business architectures
  4. TOGAF best practices, including how to use the TOGAF Architectural Development Method (ADM)

Who should attend

  • -Individuals who require an understanding of Business Architecture based on the TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2
  • -Professionals who are working in roles associated with developing a Business
  • -Architecture such as those responsible for business planning
  • -Architects who want to add a specialization to their existing TOGAF Certification
  • -Architects who want to know more about EA competencies and available training programmes

Webinar Information

Date: 23 April 2020, Thursday
Time: 10.00am to 12.00pm
Western Indonesia Time zone Jakarta (GMT+7)
Eastern Indonesia Time zone Jayapura (GMT+9)
Central Indonesia Time zone Bali (GMT+8)
Hong Kong Standard Time zone (GMT+8)
Singapore Standard Time zone (GMT+8)
Malaysia Standard Time zone (GMT+8)

*Registrants will be notified on
the process of joining the webinar.



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