Competency Development for Digital Transformation

Enterprise Architecture is your secret weapon ready to deal with the complexity associated with digital transformation. To achieve successful digital transformation, an Enterprise Architecture team can help accelerate companies’ digital transformation strategy to achieve its business goals and prevent unnecessary pitfalls. In support of SkillsFuture Festival, we are organising a series of events to explore and gain insight on areas of best practices, competency skillsets and enterprise governance with tactical and strategic planning of technology investments for digital transformation

Date: 18 July 2019, Thursday / Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm

(Registration starts at 1.30pm and light refreshments will be provided)

Keynote Speaker: Morgan Rasan

Executive Committee Member, SCS EA Chapter / Program Director, IASA APAC

Keynote Speaker: Ronald Kleer

Principal / Chief Problem Solver, BPG Pte Ltd / Lifelong Learning Council Member


Business and IT leaders are required to make strategic decision to embrace the power of digital technology as its integral to the success of every aspect of the organisation, and as well to have a comprehensive capability and competency development plan to equip people within the organisation with the ability to perform all the necessary tasks required with the relevant skills, knowledge, attitude, experiences and qualifications.
This seminar will explore how you can leverage and deepen your insights on EA.

  1. Overcome new challenges for the Digital Business Transformation
  2. Methodology - How to implementation a Digital Business
  3. Competency requirement for the transformation journey
  4. Best practices on enterprises have adopted a successful transition toward digital maturity
  5. Complimentary Training Need Analysis for organisations

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