Webinar: Enhance Digital EA Development for the Public Sector

Webinar Topic:
Enhance Digital Enterprise Architecture Development for the Public Sector
Date: 19 November 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 2.00pm - 4:00pm (GMT+8 – SGT, HKT, MYT ) / 1.00pm - 3pm (GMT+7 – Jakarta Time)

Under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), Enterprise Architecture (EA) was identified as one of the main initiatives towards establishing a “connected government”. The implementation of EA enables an organization to define itself across the business, data, applications and technology domains (BDAT) to enjoy the benefits of convergence and alignment between business strategies and ICT as well as strengthen cross agency collaborations via information, service, data and infrastructure sharing. This strategy embraces the concept of ‘Whole-of-Government’ for the public sector.

During the current economic uncertainty impacted by the pandemic, nimble challenges spring up and disrupt most of the organizations and people overnight. Government agencies need to reconsider the Business Continuity Plan of its existing services and technology capabilities in spurring efficiency and ICT productivity and innovations to optimise delivery service to the people. To cope with the changing digital ecosystem thus meeting the people’s needs, this may affect in the vision, mission, objectives, strategies, business processes as well as civil servants and their correlation with changes in government data and information, application and technology.

The Public Sector Digitalisation Strategic Plan (PSDSP) 2021-2025 emphasises the consolidation of efficiency and service effectiveness that enables a high-impact delivery system. It is time for the public sector to re-look and introduce the new ICT Vision that is in line with the national transformation agenda and outline the strategies and programmes in PSDSP 2021-2025 that serve as guidelines for various ministries and agencies in the implementation of the ICT initiative at their respective organisations.

In this webinar, we will explore on:

  1. How Enterprise Architecture has been generating business values to public sector ICT agenda.
  2. New challenges that the public sector has to overcome in strategy execution for the “New Normal” business environment.
  3. Acculturation and Adoption of EA practices for the Digitalisation Journey.
  4. Create a robust Citizen Journey Map to deliver e-government services.
  5. Case study on a successful Digital Enterprise Architecture adoption in the public sector.


Target Audience:

  • -Middle Management to Senior Management i.e. CTO, CIO, CXO, Directors, Vice Presidents, Head of IT
  • -Enterprise Architects (i.e. Software, Infrastructure, Business and Information)
  • -Project Management, Software or Applications Development, IT Governance, IT Operations, IT Service Management teams



Welcome Speech & ATD Introduction


Strategic Business Values of Digital Enterprise Architecture

Speaker: Dr Siti Istianah Mahdzur, MAMPU


Architecting Citizen Journey Mapping with Digital Government Services

Speaker: Aaron Tan Dani, Chief Architect, ATD Solution


Q&A: Digital Enterprise Architecture Development for the Public Sector Digitalisation Strategic Plan 


End of session


Keynote Speaker:

Dr Siti Istianah Mahdzur
Prime Minister Department
Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)
Dr. Siti Istianah Mahdzur joins the MAMPU ICT Strategic and Architecture Development Division in April 2016. Not new to Prime Minister’s Department, she was previously leading the ICT Audit of the Prime Minister’s Department encompassing 72 agencies including MAMPU since 2007 till 2012. Her current portfolio covers the planning and implementation of Enterprise Architecture (EA) in Malaysian Public Sector according to the Public Sector EA Blueprint known as MyGovEA. Currently she’s one of the EA Architects that leads the development of EA for the Public Sector Agencies to achieve the goals of Digital Government and government digital services. Embracing the EA development in Public Sector, she give-forth consultation and advisory on the development of EA and promoting the importance of EA for Public Sector agencies.

Aaron Tan Dani
Chief Architect, ATD
Aaron has a strong passion for the Enterprise Architecture and Digital Transformation related fields. He firmly believes that only with the proper practices of using Enterprise Architecture discipline, organisations will then be able to realise the maximum value of an IT investments and to meet the digitalization objectives. With this keen passion and selfless contribution, he has been actively involved as the President of Singapore Computer Society and Co-Founder cum Chairman of International Association of Enterprise Architects (IASA) Asia Pacific. As an industry thought leader in the IT Architecture arena, he has built close connection with the industry leaders and government bodies in the respective APAC countries gives him the edge in the latest technology landscape.



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