Cyber Security in the Digital Transformation Age

Cybersecurity has always been important. But the growing stream of recent large-scale attacks in the past year driven more urgency around this topic today. What we’ve learned from these incidents is that no organisation be it small, medium or large are spared from Cyber Attacks. And this is of no surprise. The business environment of today has evolved tremendously. Aimed at reduced cost, greater scalability, increased mobility, faster deployment and instant upgrades to name a few, business digital transformation initiatives of today makes formulating an IT plan less simple than it used to be a few years before. Many businesses today process large amounts of confidential customer or employee data daily. So, what are the potential loopholes that small businesses should consider? As companies look to digital transformation, they must look at security transformation as well. With the increasing use of digital technologies such as the cloud, big data, mobile, IoT and artificial intelligence in ever more areas of business and society, and the growing connectivity of everything come greater challenges on the level of security, compliance and data protection and regulations that we want to make sure organisations effectively tackle them. This workshop will focus on Cybersecurity Awareness and using Enterprise Architecture to formulate a new Digital Business Strategy with a robust cyber security plan for delivering a business-driven approach.

Cyber Security for Digital Transformation – An Enterprise Architecture Perspective

Enterprise Architecture (EA) helps bridge the digital gap between strategies and realisation in order to drive business goals and achieve long-term sustainable success with Digital Transformation. In this presentation, we will look at:
  • - Latest tactics to help IT leaders and business stakeholders formulate a new digital strategy to protect your data and operations
  • - How to safely navigate the dangers in cyber security without slowing down your business
  • - Overcome new challenges in Digital Transformation and Cyber Security
  • - Best practices to adopt a successful transition toward digital maturity
Join our experts to Learn how to improve your defences and reduce risk for your business.

Date: 5 Sep 19 (Thursday)

Time: 2pm to 5pm

Venue: Training Room 2-1, Level 2, Lifelong Learning Institute

11 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408601

Things to Note:
  • - Light Refreshments will be served during the event.
  • - This is a closed-door event for invited guests only.
  • - No payment is required for this event.


Freddy Tan Morgan Rasan
Vice President of Ensign InfoSecurity (EIS)  Executive Committee Member, SCS EA Chapter/ Program Director, IASA APAC

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