ATD Solution Announces Partnership with BiZZdesign

ATD Solution Announces Partnership with BiZZdesign

16th July 2020

ATD Solution, a leading Asia Pacific Business IT architecture firm, announced its partnership with BiZZdesign, a leading digital business design company, to drive better enterprise architecture initiatives. This global strategic partnership brings together a major software platform vendor with EA industry experts, expanding our EA offering and providing a seamless implementation experience for the partnership’s joint customers.

HoriZZon, BiZZdesign’s flagship product, supports the effective modeling, visualization, analysis and dissemination of enterprise architecture content, which makes it possible to align projects and investments with an organization’s overall strategic vision. The platform offers the ability to design, test and plan business change in a coordinated way across the entire enterprise, using a comprehensive range of analytical tools and configurable modeling languages. Leveraging HoriZZon, organizations can accelerate the development and implementation of digital solutions to ensure they gain a competitive advantage and reman ahead of the pack.

Aaron Tan Dani, Chief Architect at ATD Solution says, “EA tools are one of the most important components for establishing a successful Digital Enterprise Architecture practice, and HoriZZon is unrivaled in terms of user friendliness, technical maturity and security compliance. The other core component of success is expertise and having an ethos of delivering results. Here BiZZdesign spearheads a new wave of enterprise architecture, pushing onto the market an approach that steers away from technicalities and focuses instead on producing real, quantifiable business value. I believe that our partnership with BiZZdesign will provide assurance and trust to enterprise clients in our region, as well as position EA as a clear business enabler and key component in driving continuous digital transformation.”

“With this new partnership, BiZZdesign expands its global reach and strengthens its ability to cater to clients in the Asia Pacific market. Together with ATD Solution we are certain we will be able to establish a solid bridgehead that will enable us to increase our presence in the region significantly and make it easier for us to disseminate our message of unlocking the full value of EA”, says Hugo Ehrnreich, Chief Executive Officer at Bizzdesign.

This global strategic partnership equips both organizations to address the needs of the industry market. ATD Solution and BiZZdesign are dedicated to delivering excellence in digital adoption initiatives and supporting clients through successful business IT transformations.


About BiZZdesign

BiZZdesign is a leading enterprise transformation software vendor based in the Netherlands. Founded in 2000 as the commercial spin-off of an R&D institute, today the company enjoys a global presence and is recognized by industry analysts as a market leader. BiZZdesign HoriZZon is deployed in blue chip companies and government organizations across all continents, where it plays a key role in enabling meaningful business change. 


About ATD Solution

Incorporated in 2006, ATD aims to address a distinct gap in the industry, which was to provide world-class leading Business and IT integration through specialised consulting and training services. Today, ATD is recognized as an Asian industry leader in Digital Enterprise Architecture (Digital EA) and dedicated in changing the way businesses use and adopt technologies in today’s digital world.



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