Transforming Customer Experience Through Business Architecture

Transforming Customer Experience Through Business Architecture

The use of mapping throughout customer digital journeys from beginning to end is now possible using the discipline of business architecture. Organisations that want to become customer-driven enterprises have several types of customers and none of them should experience the exact same customer journey while engaging with any part of the business. To keep up with today’s pace of technology disruptions, organisations need sophisticated processes and tools. With more touchpoints in the business delivery comes more complexity in servicing customer needs successfully.

One of the biggest challenges of the customer journey is providing a consistent and seamless experience across all channels and platform. Keeping sight of the individuality of each digital customer and their journey is important as digital customers are now super demanding. Customer journeys today are a complex series of connections, where each point of contact has the potential to boost the business or derail it entirely. Coordinating the infrastructure, technology, and messaging in a way that appears seamless and fluid to the customer can be done with the help of Business Architecture. Within an organisation, strategically harmonising various business capabilities can optimise value streams for specific customer to insure seamless and satisfactory outcomes throughout their customer journey.

  • Real Time: The customer can progress a journey at anytime, anywhere, with responses and updates in real time and personalized.
  • On Demand: The customer can initiate/join/rejoin/comment on the experience anytime/anywhere/anyplace and tailored in customizing their experiences.
  • All Online: The customer is able to accomplish all activities and transactions associated with the journey online.
  • Do It Yourself: The customer is provided with the capability, and has the choice, to complete any activities and transactions.
  • Social: The customer journey is tightly integrated with digital social media.

Mapping the Customer Journey

Customer Journey Map visually illustrates customers’ processes, needs & perceptions throughout their interactions and relationship with the business digitally or physically. Customer experience with a simple customer journey map, describing the engagement stages to engage with a business should involve the operation and IT side of an organisation. Once a customer has purchased a product or received a service, he will need at one point of its customer journey to discover, learn and possibly commit to other ones. Technology side of the business needs to understand the trigger points where it is appropriate to engage in these stages.

Figure 1: Customer Journey Map with Enterprise Architecture Gaps

These customer journey stages will be different for each customer, who will experience different thoughts, feelings and satisfaction needs. They also need to be supported by the integrated technology side which include Data Architecture, Application Architecture and Infrastructure Architecture of an organisation in a customer driven enterprise to ensure all gaps that exist are being addressed through Enterprise Architecture process. The customer’s thinking, feeling and satisfaction based on the organisation’s specific set of capabilities for each customer will be either satisfactory or not. If the result is dissatisfaction, the organisation must ask itself how to adjust its investments to mature its set of capabilities using appropriate value streams.

It can be challenging and overwhelming to restructure internally or go through a digital transformation, but it’s a crucial investment in customers. Business architecture provides foundation to drive an effective and seamless customer journeys and need to be supported by other enterprise domains which include Data, Application and Infrastructure Architecture for all key customers interfacing throughout their interaction and journey with the organisations. Business architecture allows the following:

  • Focus on the most strategic customer journeys that is most important
  • Collaborate on roadmap planning and delivery for each of these customer journeys by increasing and producing capabilities customised for each customer’s behavior
  • Build a collaboration framework within the organisation by presenting the business architecture model to the relevant stakeholders
  • Use appropriate measurement methods through value streams to understand each customer journey.

The growing rate of digital disruption pushes all organisations to switch from customer sales points to customer engagement points. Business capabilities must be matured around the distinct experience of their customers. The use of business architecture on a costumer journey is an ideal way for modern enterprises in order to keep up with the rate of disruption. Customer journey mapping in combination with business architecture are becoming a critical tool to transform organisations into customer-driven businesses that provides customers with a long-term value.

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Author: Aaron Tan Dani

President of Singapore Computer Society EA-Chapter [email protected]

Founder and Chairman of Iasa Asia Pacific [email protected]

Aaron Tan Dani, Chief Architect of ATD Solution [email protected]

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