The Value of ITIL in Enterprise Architecture

The Value of ITIL in Enterprise Architecture

The purpose of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is to align organisations towards realizing its vision, mission and strategy through standardization in supporting design freedom toward transformation projects and programs. The key elements of EA are stakeholder’s concerns, models, views, principles and frameworks which are used in the design and realisation of the organisation’s organisational structure, business processes, information systems, and infrastructure.

In the context of EA, these are widely known as IT Service Management (ITSM) which intersects, supports and sustains the realization of EA. ITSM refers to the whole activities which are performed by an organisation to design, plan, deliver, and control information technology (IT) services offered to the business. ITIL4® supports organisations to build a stable IT environment through a framework of good-practices to architect a multi-speed operating model and balance conflicting demand for High-Velocity Digital and Low-Cost IT Services. The fact that EA and ITIL are interrelated and complimenting each other to support the end-to-end management of Digital and IT Services.

ITIL and ITSM in Enterprise Architecture

Figure 1: Strategic alignment with EA and ITIL


The figure above shows EA and ITIL scopes and how to use both to achieve strategic alignment. Although ITIL shares the same domains as EA, they are indeed different and complementary, mainly because EA may change business processes according to business requirements and strategy, while ITIL has standard definition and well defined processes. Some of the identified benefits of EA and ITIL collaboration are organizational learning, avoiding duplication of effort, re-use of documentation and outputs, cross training, and planning and implementing the target EA with a coordinated and integrated method. If an organisation can be represented by EA, with all its layers, components and relationships, then ITIL components and relationships will be integrated as subset to EA layers.

The collaboration between EA and ITSM through integrated toolsets will help to build and sustain a clear view of business technology alignment which also promotes reusable documents and numerous other outputs. A structured and integrated process between ITIL and EA can also support the planning and implementation of target architecture.

ITIL is often depicted as a process of information architecture in managing IT services and there is a need to do integration between EA and ITIL so that the two approaches can speak the same language with an integrated framework and work complementing each other. 

A well-run organisation that manages risk and keeps the infrastructure going not only saves money, but it also allows the business people to do their jobs more effectively. According to Axelos, ITIL can also help organisations in managing businesses risk, disruption and failure by establishing cost-effective practices and building a stable environment that still allows for growth, scale and change.

When adopting ITIL, the organisations will get a clear picture of what they hope to gain from the operational framework. Think about what business and IT problems and processes which need to be solved and what technologies will work best as an integrated solution.


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Author: Aaron Tan Dani

President of Singapore Computer Society EA-Chapter 
Founder and Chairman of Iasa Asia Pacific
Chief Architect of ATD Solution  

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