Singapore Computer Society Partners with IASA on Joint Training & Certification Programme


Singapore Computer Society has announced a partnership with IASA (The Global Professional Association of IT Architects) on joint Training and Certification Programmes at the Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore on February 21st, 2020. This partnership will open up door of opportunities for our local Business & IT professionals with certifications recognised by the global industry in Enterprise Architecture (EA) to demonstrate the skills required in performing the role of an Enterprise Architect in driving digital transformation. 

Gartner quoted “By 2023, 60% of organizations will depend on EA’s role to lead the business approach to digital innovation.” Today’s enterprise architects are responsible for designing intelligence into the business and operating models, identifying ways to help their organization use data, analytics and artificial intelligence to plan, track and manage digital business investments.
(Gartner source:

IASA is the leader in Digital Business Architecture Transformation, and through this partnership, organisations and individuals will be able to develop the business and technology relationship based on the IASA’S Information Technology Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABoK) practical skillsets library. The SCS-IASA partnership is set to equip Business & IT professional with enterprise architecture capabilities and competencies development through the 9 IASA Training and Certification Programmes as well as unlocking new possibilities of digital transformation.

The SCS & IASA Joint Certifications Programmes involved are:

  • - Business IT Architecture Fundamental (BITAF)
  • - Architecting Software with Object Oriented Analysis and Design (ASOOAD)
  • - IT Architect Foundation (CITA-F)
  • - Business Technology Strategy (BTS)
  • - Certified IT Architect Associate in Business Architecture (CITA-A in Business Architecture)
  • - Certified IT Architect Associate in Software Architecture (CITA-A in Software Architecture)
  • - Certified IT Architect Associate in Infrastructure Architecture (CITA-A in Infrastructure Architecture)
  • - Certified IT Architect Associate in Solution Architecture (CITA-A in Solution Architecture)

These courses are currently supported by Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme Plus (CITREP+) to endorse the ICT workforce in taking up courses and certifications to be in pace with technological changes and effective technical training skills sets to remain viable and sustainable. For more information, please visit

About Singapore Computer Society

SCS is the leading infocomm and digital media professional society in Singapore that promotes mind sharing of case studies, experience, and emerging technologies. SCS provides various certifications that enables upskilling and career advancement.


About IASA

Established in 2002, Iasa is the preeminent knowledge-based association focused on the IT Architecture profession. Iasa is a not-for-profit association and mostly run by volunteering architects from various organizations around the world to improve the quality of the Enterprise Architecture by advocating and delivering standards, services, vendor agnostic education and accreditation programs that optimize the development of Digital Architecture.



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