Realising MyDigital through Enterprise Architecture Adoption for the Digital Economy

Realising MyDigital through Enterprise Architecture Adoption for the Digital Economy

In February 2021, Malaysia has launched MyDigital, the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint, that will chart the growth trajectory of the country’s digital economy development. The world economic growth is increasingly driven by digitalisation. The use of technology advancement contributes to the rapid growth of data, which is the future commodity. The government believes that it is time to embrace digitalisation and seize opportunities arising from this trend to stay relevant and competitive.

A comprehensive approach comprising future-facing business and technology initiatives—business transformation entails cultural and process changes while technology transformation requires deep capabilities that enable business to scale at speed; harness data to gather insights from real-time business; and leverage modern, scalable, extensible technology.

An efficient and successful digital business transformation is vital in creating new opportunities for growth and competitive advantage. The fundamental structure of any business, information systems and technology for delivering a business-driven approach will change the way we manage the digital business. Jumpstart with stages of digital transformation initiatives implementation with the right strategies can provide opportunities to build momentum and knowledge across the organisation.

Figure 1: Digital EA in Driving Successful Digital Transformation

The transformation towards digital nation can be strongly benefited from the principles of Digital Enterprise Architecture (EA) which enables organisations to achieve the true balance between technology and business innovation in digitally connected model. Building successful EA programme requires organisational credibility that is developed by delivering measurable return on investment.

ATD Solution offers three (3) phases of Digital EA adoption services which include the Discover Phase, Deploy Phase and Sustain Phase to assist organisations in starting their Digital Transformation journey with the right fundamentals and strategies, making it easy for the organisations to focus on each transformation initiative.

Build up Digital EA Competency

MyDigital aims to ensure digitalisation is embedded with talent development in the upskilling and reskilling of the existing workforce. The current and future workforces should be well-equipped with digital transformation skills to thrive in the evolving economy. With the right EA knowledge, skills and abilities, organisations will be given the opportunity to leverage digital technology to improve business efficiency and productivity.

Digital EA provides a holistic approach in leading business-technology transformation and strategy realisation to achieve organisation’s vision and objectives. The Discover Phase will prepare organisations to initiate successful transformation through the adoption of Digital EA as a culture and this engagement aims to build up the Digital EA competency that can prepare organisations for the digital economy. Organisations will be able to discover and vision EA through repositioning and realigning IT initiatives. This phase also enables organisations to visualise better customer experience for continuous efficiency and set the strategic direction for sustainable digital values. Organisations will also undergo EA Readiness Assessment in the Discover Phase to measure the organisation’s readiness for digital transformation.

Upon completion of the Discover Phase, the organisation will be equipped with the knowledge to drive towards the Deploy Phase, that is designed to accelerate digital transformation culture towards achieving a profoundly better business capability. Organisations will be able to establish a digital ecosystem through orchestrating its activities across business, data, application and technology domains that will realise the strategies from a vision Digital EA Roadmap to Digital Solutions. The Deploy Phase supports the digital culture shift in people, process and the use of technology towards digital establishment as well as provides direction in EA development to achieve organisations’ vision and strategy for driving business transformation and innovation. The Deploy Phase will also assist organisations to setup the single source of truth to support the realisation of intelligence enterprise through digital map.

When organisations use Digital EA as a strategic asset in the age of digital transformation and adopt new technologies that substantially change the way they do business, they need to proactively sustain the digital effort and have measurable KPI to deliver business value. In the Sustain Phase, organisations will have access to Digital EA Maturity Assessment to assess, measure and priorities the areas of Enterprise Dimension Factors to reflect the organisations maturity level on their transformation journey. The Sustain Phase will also provide the support and maintenance if Digital EA efforts to ensure business is conducted properly with appropriate resource utilisation. This phase will lead to a greater digital capability that can assist organisation identify the right element along with the right time to increase digital approaches in digital transformation initiatives.

Digital EA will be able to assist the digital economy to transform and digital ecosystems integrate. The establishment of Digital EA practices nationwide will further drive the knowledge and capability development of both the business and ICT communities with the aim to realise a digitally connected nation. With the successful establishment of Digital EA, it will drive continuous digital innovation for the organisation by navigating the complexity of both business and technology environments.

ATD Solution offers Digital EA Workshop Series that will provide your organisation with the right fundamentals and strategies in jumpstarting your digital transformation. Your organisation will be able to comprehend the stages involved in the Digital EA development that is aligned with the current business needs.

ATD Consulting assist clients to establish their connected Digital Enterprise Architecture as a culture. The clients will be equipped with the necessary capabilities and competencies to continuously driving digital transformation within the organisation.

Author: Aaron Tan Dani

President of Singapore Computer Society EA-Chapter
Founder and Chairman of Iasa Asia Pacific
Chief Architect of ATD Solution 

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