IASA Certifications Elevate Future Malaysian Employees with Government’s Supports

IASA Certifications Elevate Future Malaysian Employees with Government’s Supports

The year 2020 has placed much strain on businesses, as government lock-downs and movement control across the globe make it difficult to secure new businesses or continue with ongoing projects.  Many businesses in Malaysia are facing financial challenges which have been worsened as the outbreak continues, and a natural decision is to legally undergo cost-cutting measures such as downsizing and retrenchment. Due to downsizing and retrenchment exercises, it is time for affected Malaysians to determine what transferable and marketable skill sets they can offer prospective employers that would help them stand out from other job seekers. Opened pathways and accelerated growth opportunities in areas such as e-commerce, information and communications technology, health and social services, and digital services should be considered by graduates, school leavers and retrenched workers. To be able to strive in these industries, it requires digital skills and it is more important than ever that new employees are equipped with digital skills.

New Set of Digital Skills in Enterprise Architecture

As the pandemic is pushing for digital transformation to the max, a new set of talents to support digital business and digital transformation to be successful and should be considered is Enterprise Architecture (EA). Out of many new set of digital talents, Enterprise Architects is key and play an active role across digital business and technology to help shape the economy as well as supporting the change and transformation caused by the pandemic. Professional certifications are a great way to demonstrate to potential employers that employees have the experience and skills necessary to do the job and give a competitive edge in the hiring process. The EA certification holders also frequently earn more than their uncertified counterparts, making certifications a valuable career-building tool.

Enterprise Architecture Training and Certification Programs


The IASA (The Global Association of IT Architects) Training and Certification Programs has been around since 2008 which will elevate the current and new employees with global industry recognized certifications in Enterprise Architecture (EA) to demonstrate the competencies to perform in the digital transformation journey. Organisations and individuals will be able to bridge the gaps in business and technology relationship with the proven industry best practices and high standard of excellent based on the IASA’s Information Technology Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABoK), the practical and industry best practice’s skillsets library. IASA provides four levels of certification which define the important milestones in an enterprise architect’s career progression and designed based on a combination of criteria including knowledge, skillsets and experience.

Place & Train with PIKOM (The National Tech Association of Malaysia)

Currently, IASA EA certification programmes are under the PENJANA HRDF Place & Train initiative for Malaysians professional to provide them with relevant skillsets and knowledge that would enable them to secure employment. This initiative is developed to source and provide employment for Malaysians by participating in value-added training courses required by the selected industries. Malaysian employees trained under Place & Train will be able to improve productivity, build confidence and create a better working environment. The good news is, the New Malaysian employees will not bear the training cost as it is fully subsidised by HRDF.

ATD Malaysia in joint collaboration with PIKOM, provides the training and certification programme that offers digitalisation training specifically in the area of Enterprise Architecture certifications from the world’s best, such as IASA. Malaysian employees who are eligible to undergo Place & Train initiative will be enrolled and trained in developing new capabilities to properly demonstrate their new digital skills to their employers.  With IASA certifications, employees are able to contribute to their employers in making strategic investments in leveraging digital technologies and platforms to support the transformation of processes and ramped up the digital initiatives to accelerate digital innovation.


Join ATD Solution, the sole authorised training provider of IASA’s enterprise architecture certification programmes in Asia Pacific and PIKOM (The National Tech Association of Malaysia) upcoming Webinar: Introduction to IASA-Enterprise Architecture Certification Path this 19th January 2021 at 2.00PM (+8GMT/CST) to find out more on the HRDF initiatives and how IASA certifications assist to innovate faster and deliver values with less effort to accelerate digital transformation. Register here.

Author: Aaron Tan Dani

President of Singapore Computer Society EA-Chapter aarontan@scs.org.sg 
Founder and Chairman of Iasa Asia Pacific aarontan@iasahome.org
Chief Architect of ATD Solution aarontan@atdsolution.com  

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