Enterprise Architecture Discovery and Architecture Visioning

Enterprise Architecture Discovery and Architecture Visioning

The defining and developing of an Architecture Vision for the long-term architectural describes the organisation’s goals to achieve in the future. Sustaining a Digital Enterprise Architecture (EA) is key to ensure the stakeholders motivation, strategy and objectives are realized as part of digital transformation journey. Discovery and Architecture Vision paint a picture of the end target of vision early on in the Digital EA project so that it can act as a reference point and boundary for architects when customising the solution to realise the vision. The Architecture Vision also facilitates stakeholder communication by providing an executive summary of the end target of architecture solution and provides stakeholders and decision-makers an important tool to envision on the proposed capability to be developed.

One of the key components of Architecture Visioning is clarifying and agreeing on the purpose of the architecture effort which has to be clearly defined and understood with the alignment to the specific set of business and technology drivers. It must also represents the return of investment (ROI) in developing the architecture as well as demonstrate the strategies involved to achieve the effort.

The key elements of the Architecture Vision including the enterprise mission, vision, strategy, and goals that have to be documented as part of the broader business strategy or enterprise planning activity that has its own lifecycle within the organisation. When developing the Architecture Vision, the activity is concerned with validating and understanding the documented business strategy and goals, and possibly to connect both in one hand to imply within the current architecture environment.

Developing Architecture Vision also includes assessing the organisation’s EA capability required to execute the EA engagement and the IT capabilities. All the assessments will be summarised and documented before discussing the capabilities gaps to understand which gaps should and should not be treated as constraints to the Digital EA implementation.

Architecture Vision requires the organisation to perform the business readiness assessment to measure the organisation’s readiness to undergo the transformational change. This will help to identify the potential issues and factors that will impact the business transformation journey. Communication plan is also another key component of the Architecture Vision to ensure the engagements of the key stakeholders are aligned and getting the buy-in of the Architecture Vision.

Through a complete and thorough Architecture Vision development process, organisations will be able to visualise the anticipated values from the Establishment of Digital EA  and enable new digital business models discovery, business capabilities development and improve their efficiency perpetually.

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Author: Aaron Tan Dani

President of Singapore Computer Society EA-Chapter aarontan@scs.org.sg
Founder and Chairman of Iasa Asia Pacific 
Chief Architect of ATD Solution 

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