Enhance Digital Enterprise Architecture Development for the Public Sector

Enhance Digital Enterprise Architecture Development for the Public Sector

The concept of Enterprise Architecture (EA) has rapidly gained attention from many governments around the world to support digital government initiatives that aims to improve the quality and speed of service excellent to the people. EA has been identified as one of the main initiatives in establishing a connected and digital government. The implementation of Digital EA in the public sector enables government organisations to have a holistic view of relationship across their business, data, application and technology domains (BDAT) which brings convergence and alignment between business strategies and ICT as well as strengthening cross agency collaborations via information, service, data and infrastructure sharing. This strategy embraces the concept of ‘Whole-of-Government’ for the public sector.

During the current economic uncertainty impacted by the pandemic, nimble challenges spring up and disrupt most of the organisations and people overnight. Government agencies need to reconsider the Business Continuity Plan of its existing services and technology capabilities in spurring efficiency and ICT productivity and innovations to optimise delivery service to the people. To cope with the changing digital ecosystem thus meeting the people’s needs, there is a strong justification for any government organisation to embark on wide Digital EA implementation to ensure the Command and Control structure is established for all strategic direction and implementation direction across various units as depicted in the following diagram:

Figure 1: Digital Enterprise Architecture as Command and Control


Thus, it is time to make strategic decision on enhancing the Digital EA to strengthen cross agency collaborations, understanding their inter and intra agencies dependencies as well to have a comprehensive capability and competency development plan.

Creating Better Cross Agency Collaborations for an Improved Service Delivery

Collaboration is only possible if decision makers see a benefit to collaborating with other agencies. Digital EA provides a way to explore and discover capabilities across the public sector to support informed decisions on the benefits of potential and dynamic collaborations. This is possible through a common language and process to identify and describe BDAT capabilities. Through Digital EA, effective and comprehensive collaboration becomes possible and government agencies will be able to leverage on this information to form a more holistic view of the present business and technology landscape in terms of supporting the business capabilities. The primary purpose of EA is to improve the likelihood of successful digital initiatives for the people. Through enhancing the use of existing standards, assets, information and other capabilities, Digital EA facilitate project prioritisation by helping to identify which projects are most needed that bring maximum values to their citizens and support the government strategic objectives.

Agility in Capability Development in the Public Sector

The establishment of Digital EA practices in the public sector will further drive the knowledge and capability development of both the business and ICT communities in the public sector with the aim to realize a connected government. The successful establishment of Digital EA will require government agencies to form an Enterprise Architecture Office (EAO) and staffed with competent enterprise architects, equipped with practical knowledge and critical skillsets who are able to navigate and manage the complexity of both the business and technology environment and in return be able to approach any architecture and digital related initiatives.

As Digital EA facilitates alignment among government agencies in driving their strategic business and technology direction towards realizing national agenda, it is highly critical for government organisations to leverage on Digital EA in driving continuous digital transformation to continuously enhance the delivery of public services excellent for their citizens.

Author: Aaron Tan Dani

President of Singapore Computer Society EA-Chapter aarontan@scs.org.sg
Founder and Chairman of Iasa Asia Pacific aarontan@iasahome.org
Chief Architect of ATD Solution aarontan@atdsolution.com 

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