Embracing the Right EA Tools in the Digital Age

Embracing the Right EA Tools in the Digital Age

Modern Enterprise Architecture is a discipline that provides framework for digital transformation for digital transformation to guide delivery of solutions using the latest technologies. The ability to succeed in the competitive business atmosphere of today requires agility, efficiency and flexibility to meet the demands of the market. There has been a shift in focus over the past decade in EA from strategy delivery to design of strategies to enable and accelerate modernisation and even the EA tools. EA tools capture the limitations of the IT assets, processes, value streams, change programs and projects in support of business strategy, and the ecosystem of relationships it has up and down the value chain.

At their core, EA tools maintain a master list of assets in the form of a database table that catalogues the devices. Then it adds a collection of features for displaying this information in a way that’s easy to use.

When an organisation first starts to explore on how to work with enterprise architecture using various and own methods and techniques, there are gaps and overlaps between each architecture. Nor they can be assembled into one coherent piece of work. By using a specialised architecture tool and edit or adjust the present examples in the tool to specific situation, the organisation can be sure that architecture is stored and administered as a consistent and coherent whole.

Every organisation has a current architecture or the as-is architecture. Every physical operation and logical construction of a project of change in the organisation is enabled or constrained by the current architecture of the organisation. With an architecture tool, it is much easier to collaborate on documenting, charting, and visualising in a coherent and consistent way the complete current architecture, with everyone focussing on their own part. Building blocks that are defined and designed by one architect can be published in a repository in the tool for reuse by other architects for charting their part of the architecture. The presence alone of an EA tool in organisations sometimes already sets architects on the path of spontaneous charting of the current architecture of the organisation. Without having an architecture tool chance are much lower than spontaneously the AS-IS architecture is being charted, or that activity will be planned.

ATD Solution has a strong relationship with all the tool partners and these global strategic partnerships equip us to address the needs of the industry market. We are dedicated to delivering excellence in digital adoption initiatives and supporting clients through successful business IT transformations.

ATD Consulting assist clients to establish their connected Digital Enterprise Architecture as a culture. The clients will be equipped with the necessary capabilities and competencies to continuously driving digital transformation within the organisation.

ATD Consulting offers TOGAF® 9 as a framework that will furnish the clients with a variety of tools, building blocks and resources that facilitate the design and process of Enterprise Architecture across four domains: Business, Data, Application and Technology. If you wish to know more about TOGAF®9, view course preview here.

Author: Aaron Tan Dani 

President of Singapore Computer Society EA-Chapter aarontan@scs.org.sg 
Founder and Chairman of Iasa Asia Pacific aarontan@iasahome.org 
Aaron Tan Dani, Chief Architect of ATD Solution aarontan@atdsolution.com   

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