Driving Value with a Unified Business and Technology Strategy for the Digital Enterprise

Driving Value with a Unified Business and Technology Strategy for the Digital Enterprise

Some organisations approach digital transformation as only a technology transformation when it is much more than that. First, there has to be alignment to the overall business strategy. Second, success factors such as culture, people, process, data and analytics, and technology have to be tightly integrated. Third, a collaborative and interactive approach is essential to not only lead digital transformation but also, to manage resistance to change.

According to Gartner’s CIO Agenda 2020, organisations must have a clear and consistent overall business strategy to adapt to changes at the pace of digital enterprise, and monitor and understand which changes warrant a reaction. If an organisation wants to maximize the value of technology investments, it is needed to embrace innovative ways to use technology to help achieve the organisation’s strategy and overall success and they should operate with agility and merge business and technology into one integrated strategy to prevent disconnection between business and technology strategies that can result a crippling effect on the organisation.

Business Technology Strategy (BTS) requires a collaborative and interactive approach between the IT and Business stakeholders during every step of the process. It supports in improving business’s performance, leading efficient processes, faster response times and boosting productivity. This is because all aspects of a business are not only working towards common goals, but are aware of what other areas are doing.

The In-demand Business Architecture Skill

Digital and Technology skills have tremendously grown across all industries but at the same time business acumen should also be emphasized. Technology professionals that are an all-rounder and have a good understanding of both global and local business cultures and strategies, will be in high demand. Even for today’s employees are expected to be prepared with both digital and business skills in order to thrive toward the common organisation objectives.

Architecture is an important element for developing a Business Technology Strategy. It is assumed that the organisation's current architecture is already documented and maintained as changes are made, and that architectural principles and standards are established and are used to guide decisions made about technology initiatives.

Business Architecture typically has a direct tie into the business strategy, planning, improvement and further development of the Enterprise. It bridges the gap between strategy and execution and serves to translate ideas and changes into actionable steps that can be implemented in an integrated, consistent manner across the enterprise.

A Business Architect role is a strategic one that works at an enterprise level across business units. At a high level, business architects:

  • -Facilitate the application of business architecture for business and IT value.
  • -Build and maintain the business architecture knowledgebase at its current.
  • -Provide input to and assist with the internal business architecture practice.

ATD Learning offers Business Architecture Specialisation, a learning path provides professional architects with practical skillsets in creating and refining business architecture model in the context of technology strategy to enable innovation and deliver new business capabilities.

Business Technology Strategy (BTS) is one of ATD Learning most popular course, with participation by hundreds of professionals across a broad range of backgrounds and industries in Asia Pacific region. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and key strategic skills to demonstrate the strategic values of integrating architecture into a business.  

Business Architecture Specialisation: https://www.atdsolution.com/ba/
Business Technology Strategy (BTS):

Author: Aaron Tan Dani

President of Singapore Computer Society EA-Chapter aarontan@scs.org.sg 
Founder and Chairman of Iasa Asia Pacific aarontan@iasahome.org
Chief Architect of ATD Solution aarontan@atdsolution.com                                                

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