Direction, Culture and Technology in Digital Adoption Journey

Direction, Culture and Technology in Digital Adoption Journey

Ensuring strategy to work perfectly is already a difficult task in a normal organisation setting. Needless to say, it is much more intimidating to execute strategy during the hard times. When it comes to executing digital adoption strategy, it gets more intense during the disruption especially when going digital is no longer an option because it is essential for business continuity. With the right adoption of Digital Enterprise Architecture framework and roadmap, the technology landscape will become an efficient upgrade. Organisations need to be able to define key components to ensure the execution of digital strategy is well executed so that even during the pandemic, the digital adoption journey will not be disrupted. A clear direction, right culture and flexible technology are some of the key components that can overcome any digital strategy execution challenges.

Organisation To Have Direction as An Institution

Clear digital direction (such as work from home) assists organisations to bring their people onboard with the vision and fully understand the digital adoption journey. Having an open communication and transparency between the senior management and the staff can boost the confidence that the work done from outside the office will help achieve organisation’s digital goals. Organisations should identify the strategy execution gaps and take action to bring where the technology is today and to where it needs to be in the future as we have learnt from this pandemic situation. When digital adoption strategy is successfully executed, it will have an opportunity to bring great value for the organisation. Overall direction should be aligned with the digital goals and vision for a seamless execution of digital adoption strategy.

Employees that are more digitally ready can have the confidence and motivation to help others to overcome any execution challenges. Every person in the organisation should understand that their active participation in driving towards digital adoption journey is key for everyone shares the same value in executing the digital strategy.

Culture to Support Change and Innovation

The right culture is the secret ingredient to a successful digital adoption journey especially in the new normal; organisations need to ensure that they have a strong cultural foundation to support and adapt any changes. Executing digital strategies is about supporting change and innovation from top to bottom. To achieve this, internal collaboration is a must and should share the accountability for digital goals. Collaboration across departments will help organisations solve complex complications, increase operational productivities and boost the speed to execute digital strategies. Working in silos will only create more complications which is one of executing digital strategies challenges. Everyone should feel that working together collaboratively is the standard.

Grow with Digital-Ready Technology

Successful execution of digital strategies is ensuring that the technology is flexible and adaptive to changes. Many organisations struggle to embrace new digital-ready solutions, despite the importance of moving away from inefficient legacy technology. Organisations should simplify the existing technologies and leverage on the Enterprise Architecture (EA) establishment as a culture, as the EA can help to embrace technology adoption. Streamlining the technologies will create operational efficiency and the digital strategy can be well executed. With EA, the organisations should be able to make the necessary strategic technology investments for successful digital adoption.

Organisations need to look into holistic view and can no longer rely on specific digital solutions and expect to execute successful digital adoption strategies. The key areas of digital transformation such as direction, culture and technology have to work simultaneously to support an organisational digital adoption journey that can be implemented amid the pandemic.

Author: Aaron Tan Dani

President of Singapore Computer Society EA-Chapter
Founder and Chairman of Iasa Asia Pacific
Chief Architect of ATD Solution 

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