Digitalise Telco IT with Enterprise Architecture

Digitalise Telco IT with Enterprise Architecture

Today, the telecommunication (Telco) industry is facing unprecedented opportunities with billions of users, smart devices, connections and a trillion digital innovation market in the next 3 years. However, the challenges are also inevitable. As one of the vital industries, how can the Telco industry help customers to support the strategies based on their missions, visions and values to reach their business goals across enterprises?

Figure 1:Digital transformation for 2020 and beyond: Telco Study by Ernst & Young Global Limited

Evolving market demands make it important that the Telco industry must deliver better and faster services along with innovative and consistent delivery models. As consumer expectations rise and technology is evolving fast, unprepared organisations will risk leaving and ignoring the very customers they have worked so hard to keep. The organisations need to provide a transformation roadmap to align and improve the infrastructure and maximise their returns on investment in IT resources. There should be a short and long term IT strategic plan that help in better IT cost prioritisation and creating a better customer engagement. This calls for a manageable and structured IT resources. Digital transformation in Telco industry is constantly moving in fast pace, and like most of the fields affected by COVID-19, it has to switch its business toward digitalisation to support the business direction.

Engaging the Digital Strategy

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a well-defined practice of conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation, using a holistic approach. It helps define the structure and operation of any Telco organisations as part of their ongoing strategy. By applying architecture principles and practices to guide these organisations through the business, information, process and technology changes, organisations can be better prepared, ready and capable in realizing the digitalisation strategy. EA is able to assist the Telco to prioritise any IT projects with fast and minimal risk implementation by tying all the EA domains of Business, Data, Application and Infrastructure. They can benefit from a close connection between innovation and aggregate business capabilities to align with the main strategy. Eventually, it will bring greater usability, stay more focus across the entire organisation and more consistent in-service delivery. With the adoption and the use of EA, it can ensure success in the digital journey of Telco industry.

Digital Transformation redefines Customer Engagement

EA offers capabilities to evolve customer care into better customer engagement that earn loyalty and trust. The industry not only needs to adopt digital tools but also realign back-end processes to redefine customer engagement.  EA can also support Telco industry to implement the principle of design thinking with Customer Journey Mapping in order to drive a customer first innovation mindset. This will ensure the industry to stay ahead of rapidly evolving customer expectations and create value by both growing revenue and reduce costs. EA maps out the strategic IT investment objectives with the business blueprints in realising the value to support the digital journey in order to have a better return on investment and reduce risks for any future investment. By digitalizing the current business landscape, and digitalising the IT operations, EA protects the existing assets, integrates existing processes and functionalities of the organisation. This is particularly important and a great opportunity for the Telco industry to create an agile customers engagement.

Generating Innovation for Telco Industry

Digitalising the Telco industry is a constant journey since innovative products and services are being delivered and created all the time. However, a large legacy infrastructure, an aged workforce and lack of innovation culture has made it hard to predict the emergence of new competition. The need to provide agile and integrated connectivity should force Telco industry to hone their focus on new innovation models. Since innovation is an ongoing process and it goes through every stage of business life cycle, it is necessary to track them to make adequate corrective decisions. Telco industry should manage their innovation range efficiently by reducing complexity and facilitating change through EA adoption.

An EA holistic approach plays an important role in Telco industry to unlock the potential value of digitalisation. EA is able to create a competitive advantage in the industry by building new digital business strategies and full utilisation of technology for a higher return on investment. By establishing seamless and integrated digital solutions, the Telco industry will be able to contribute to the wider digital economy for many years to come.

ATD Consulting has assisted our customers in the Telco industry to establish their connected Digital Enterprise Architecture for delivering deeper intimacy with their customers through creating new solutions, new capabilities and new services quickly to fulfill the market requirements.

Author: Aaron Tan Dani

President of Singapore Computer Society EA-Chapter
Founder and Chairman of Iasa Asia Pacific
Chief Architect of ATD Solution 

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