Adding Values to Your Architect Role with TOGAF® Standard, Version 9.2

Adding Values to Your Architect Role with TOGAF® Standard, Version 9.2

The Open Group TOGAF® Certification has been around for the last 25 years with the goal to improve business efficiency through consistent practice standards. It has been globally recognised and adopted by more than 80% of leading enterprises. Many architects turn to TOGAF® as a standing ground for them to gain theoretical structured and knowledge source of Enterprise Architecture. Global organisations applied TOGAF® for a better IT Architecture management ate enterprise wide and better efficiency in technology adoption to support strategic business initiatives. Organisations that implement or planning to implement enterprise-wide technical infrastructure to support mission-critical business applications can easily be benefited by adopting the TOGAF® enterprise architecture framework.

In June 2020, TOGAF® 9 has surpassed 100,000 milestones, proving that the certification is globally known and highly demanded with exponential growth pushed by digital transformation wave. ATD Solution has contributed to this milestone in training more than 1,300 professionals since 2009 across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong. This TOGAF® certification aims to develop a professional's abilities and competencies at both the organisational and the managerial levels. A TOGAF®-certified professional helps organisation to simplify the complex technical processes and architectures, for better understanding even for non-technically minded managers on how to drive the enterprise maturity in driving continuous digital transformation. TOGAF® provides a common platform that ensures everyone speaks the same language through ArchiMate® notation to enable communication and collaboration between certified architects, different key stakeholders across business and IT team members among different companies and industries. The certification also assists the development of their management skills where it familiarises the language of the enterprise architecture and turns certified professionals into a good leader as it expands their thinking horizon.

Executing the Framework

In designing and developing enterprise architecture that suits the needs of the organisations, there are several things to be considered including the business objectives, business drivers, business constraints and business strategies of the organisation. With comprehensive parts of the framework, employing an iterative method to deliver architecture is easier. When implementing TOGAF®, there are few things to note:

  • Begin with associating the Architecture Development Method (ADM) phases with the existing organisation’s project methodology such as PMP® or Prince2® as well as service management framework such as ITIL4® and DevOps®.
  • Identify the necessary inputs and right outputs for each relevant phase. In order to deliver the inputs and anticipated outputs, the processes have to be executed within the ADM phases. For example, when creating a new target architecture, existing ADM phases can assist to establish a baseline architecture before performing a gap analysis to identify drawbacks.
  • Familiarise the concepts and terminology with the EA team throughout the effort and refer to successful projects that TOGAF® has assisted before.
  • Introduce formal process of the organisational aspects when appropriate like Agile® and PMO®

Functions of TOGAF in the Different Types of Architectures

This framework brings benefit to each part of different architectures in the digital adoption strategy. TOGAF® can define and align business architecture with other components to better define the business strategy, governance and key business processes. In application architecture, intercommunication between application, data exchange and their essential services will be efficient with the systemic features of TOGAF® in the IT landscape. TOGAF® arranges data assets in a logical manner that makes it easy to move without missing any information. It also helps to build a suitable and improved IT infrastructure to ensure various application work in an organised method. This proves the recent version of TOGAF® is dynamic where it provides more guidelines to use it and helps to achieve the right components in driving successful transformation projects. This framework requires the right team to manage its implementation due to its intricacy.

With TOGAF®, more efficient and effective IT operations can be developed during the transformation initiative. Digitalising of organisations requires better IT operations for a smooth journey that can reduce risks in the future which will ensure to increase the productivity of business operations. Those with TOGAF certification will be useful to any architects aiming to achieve the highest rank of IT.

ATD Solution offers TOGAF® 9 Certification that will furnish the participants with a variety of tools, building blocks and resources that facilitate the design and process of Enterprise Architecture across four domains: Business, Data, Application and Technology. Our TOGAF9® alumnae involved in building large Digital Enterprise Architecture establishment and have won the prestigious international EA Award. In 2018, The Open Group awarded MAMPU, Malaysia with The President’s Award and Housing and Local Government, Malaysia (KPKT), the Award of Distinction. In 2019, DoS Indonesia achieved The President’s Award. In September 2020, MAMPU and PNB were selected as the top ten finalists by the Forrester EA Analysts for the Forrester/InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture (EA) 2020 Awards. Find out more on the details of the certification here.

Author: Aaron Tan Dani

President of Singapore Computer Society EA-Chapter
Founder and Chairman of Iasa Asia Pacific
Chief Architect of ATD Solution 

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