10 Reasons to Earn The Open Group TOGAF® standard, Version 9.2 Certification

TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) is a developmental approach that is used by the organizations to design and plan their IT architecture. A certified TOGAF professional is responsible for communicating with different heads of department to help them design and implement the IT strategy that is quick and effective.

Why Do Organizations Use TOGAF?

TOGAF uses a high-level technique for the framework that the enterprises utilize to plan, design, execute, and control their Enterprise Architecture. Basically, Enterprise Architecture is divided into four different parts: Business, Application, Technology, and Data. These depend largely on current and standardized technologies and product. The organizations that want to implement enterprise wide technical infrastructure to manage critical enterprise applications with the use of open systems building blocks will benefit greatly from TOGAF. This is because those that design and implement IT architectures with TOGAF approaches take advantage of procurement and design specifications that facilitate the implementation of open systems while minimizing risk. The professionals planning to build a career in IoT projects will also benefit from the TOGAF 9 certificate.

Job Roles

The certified TOGAF professionals help demystify multifaceted technical procedures. The technical leads and developers pursue the TOGAF 9 credential in order to develop competence in the principles of enterprise architecture and grow their career towards architect and senior architect job positions.The enterprise architects assistthe enterprise to develop their organizational long-term IT strategy. It is focused on the maintenance of the overall strategy of the business. They design the technology and the applications roadmap to steer and direct the company based on the standards of technological infrastructure of TOGAF. These IT specialists are responsible for making sure that every phase of the company’s technological flow is well-defined and the IT approaches function optimally from the beginning to the end.

Top Reasons to Get TOGAF 9 Certification

In case you are not sure if the TOGAF 9 credential is the right path for you, check out top 10 reasons why you need to give it a serious consideration.

  1. High demand for professional enterprise architects

With architecture and IT technology becoming deeply integrated into the success of an organization, the proactive companies have begun to use TOGAF to design and plan the management of their enterprise architecture for both short and long term goals.

  1. Ability to understand and use Common Professional Language

The certified TOGAF professionals have common knowledge ground and a high level of expertise. With all these, they are able to identify the business needs of their organizations and provide appropriate solutions to them.

  1. Systematic approach

The certification exam comes in two levels: Foundation and Certified. The specialists can easily learn from the basics of the TOGAF approach and increase their knowledge as they proceed to the expert level.


  1. Improved salary potentials and high career prospects

According to PayScale, the average salary of a certified TOGAF specialist is around $80,000 per annum. This means you can expect a lucrative career when you earn this certification. The fact that the professionals with the credential are in high demand also promise an excellent career prospect.

  1. Budget-friendly certification

You can earn the foundational-level credential paying the fee. With $495, you can write both exams and become a fully certified TOGAF professional. Training for the tests is also not very expensive, especially when compared to many IT credentials. You can explore training resources at thePrepAway websiteto give you a good chance of success in the exam.

  1. Access to a world of opportunities

The TOGAF 9 credential opens numerous opportunities. Big corporations trust reputable certificationslike TOGAF because they are standardized and validate the knowledge and skills of a professional. By earning this certificate, you validate that you have gone through training and a thorough testing system by an industry and a globally-recognized institution. You also show that you have extensive knowledge of the concepts that are relevant to the field.

  1. Ability to meet the needs of your organization

The TOGAF 9certification offers you the skills and knowledge needed to meet the needs of your organization. Many companies are looking for ways to achieve great results with minimum effort and time. TOGAF equips you with the skills you need to carry out specific tasks optimally and efficiently. Earning the TOGAF 9 credential can significantly minimize the running cost of your organization and enhance its return on investment.

  1. Development ofmanagerial skills

Earning the TOGAF credential shows both managerial and technical areas of IT. Thus, this is a great opportunity for the aspiring managers to build their skills in the sphere. The professionals with TOGAF 9 are usually saddled with the responsibility of designing the IT infrastructure while giving oversight on a lot of other things. This means they have to put a lot of things into consideration and weigh various perspectives in the course of implementing specific projects.

  1. Knowledge and skills validation

The TOGAF 9 credential is highly recognized across the world. As a matter of fact, there are very few other certifications with the same reputation as TOGAF in its industry. This means this certificate is a symbol of trust. It validates your knowledge and skills and positions you in the right light in the eyes of your potential employer.

  1. 10.Networking opportunities

The TOGAF 9 credential gives you an opportunity to connect with other professionals in your field. You can build a career communicating with other certified specialists from around the world and you can learn new trends and innovations in the industry. You can also share ideas with them and improve on your knowledge about the TOGAF approaches.


Whatever career level you have right now, you can take the step to pursue the TOGAF 9 certification. To become fully certified, you need to pass two exams. With adequate preparation, you can pass these tests without any stress. PrepAway offers some study materials that will help your preparation and guarantee success on your exam.


Source: BestMarketHerald

Author: bmh

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