ATD Solution leverages on our wide network of alumni, corporate clients, partners and architect communities to create a platform for Train-and-Place Programmes. We help in addressing talent shortages in EA and skill-up the competency gaps among the individuals who are interested in taking up the available EA job opportunities in the market. 

We are offering 2 value-added programmes for both individuals and companies :

For Individuals
Retrain and Upskill Programme

For Companies
Digital EA Team Recruitment Programme

For more info on Digital EA Jobs and Skills Initiative: email us at 

For individuals who want to explore better career advancement in EA roles, ATD will assist in equipping them with the required skillsets to perform in the new EA roles.

Services Offered:

For companies who want to build in-house digital capabilities and require EA talents to help integrating digital into their core business strategy and implementing of digital projects. ATD can support in the recruitment process for the right Digital Talents and in the establishment of the core digital team.

Services Offered:

  • -Job Redesign for Digital EA Team
  • -Skills Assessment for Corporate
  • -Core Digital Team Establishment Advisory (i.e. EA Structure, EA Engagement Model and EA Value Delivery)
  • -Job Listing for Clients