Courses Guidance
  1. Can you assist me in selecting the suitable course(s) for my job role?
    Yes, please contact our Program Counsellor via He or she will help you find the right course(s) to meet your training needs.
  1. How do I become IASA certified?
    In brief, you need two (2) things to become IASA certified. Firstly, you need to complete training requirements AND pass the required certification exam(s). Then, you need to become an IASA member (annual membership fee is required). This is mandatory for IASA Certified qualification.
    You can find out more training information at and IASA membership information at
    Alternatively, you can contact our Program Counsellor for further assistance.
  2. What is IT Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABOK)?
    ITABOK is the skills collection of the proven IT Architecture best practices that IASA has collated from successful IT Architects globally and has five (5) foundation pillars (Business Technology Strategy, IT Environment, Quality Attributes, Design and Human Dynamics) and four (4) IT Architecture specializations i.e. Software Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture, Information Architecture and Business Architecture.
  3. How is the difference between The Open Group and IASA courses?
    The Open Group is one of the enterprise architecture framework focused organizations that offer trainings and certifications on their architecture framework, while IASA is a non-profit organization that offers IT Architecture skill trainings and certifications based on ITABOK.
  4. How do I maintain IASA certification & what is CEU’s?
    CEUs (Continuing Education Units) are units that are used to quantify approved professional development activities. Iasa quantifies these units through three auditable categories: Education, Contribution and Practice.
    Moreover, there are two (2) Individual Membership Levels:
    • Basic Membership (Free) level allows people new to the organization to explore a limited selection of benefits and learn more about Iasa, the largest global, professional, non-profit association for Enterprise and Technology architects.
    • Full Membership ($125/year) provides the most benefits and value to our individual members including certification eligibility.
    To maintain IASA Certification, please see the details at
  5. Are certifications the same in the regions that offer these courses?
    As the certification courses are offered by our principals - IASA, The Open Group, ISACA. Therefore, these certifications are valid globally regardless of which country the courses and exams were taken.
  1. How do I register for ATD training courses?
    You can call or write to our Program Counsellor at, we will get in touch with you immediately within 24 business hours.
    Alternatively, you can proceed to online registration via (click on the Course Title -> select Course Schedule and Location -> click Register Now).
  2. Where can I get your training schedule?
    You can find our training schedule for different region at Alternatively, please contact our Program Counsellor for further assistance at
  1. Are the public classes guaranteed to run as scheduled?
    Public classes could change date due to a variety of factors. However, we will definitely inform the final schedule as soon as it being rescheduled. It is also recommended that participant to verify with our Program Counsellor on the latest training schedule before enrollment.
  2. What will happen if I have already registered for your training course, but the training schedule had changed?
    You will be informed immediately for any changes on your training registration via e-mail and/or phone. Also, we will advise on the rescheduled date.
  3. What if I couldn’t make it for the rescheduled class date?
    We will do our best to find a class date that fits your schedule. However, if you really cannot make it to the rescheduled date, you always have the option of de-registering with full refund.
  4. I have enrolled a class, but I couldn’t attend due to a last-minute commitment. What should I do?
    Please contact us the moment you know you need to reschedule the class. We will advise new date to you and will do our best to accommodate you.
  5. Where is your training center located?
    It’s depended on which city you wanted to attend. Generally, the training venue would be at ATD Solution office. Our office listing can be found via
  6. When does the class start/end?
    For public courses, the start/end date for different region is stated at the published training schedules. The regular training hours from 9:00AM – 5:00PM, with one (1) hour lunchbreak in between, plus tea breaks mid-morning and afternoon. Your enrolment confirmation letter will clearly state all this information.
  7. I need to cancel the training course that I have registered. How should I do and can I get the refund?
    For cancellation, please contact ATD Office or write to us at [email protected]
    • 0% cancellation fee will apply. For cancellations received more than 5 – 10 working days prior to the course.
    • 50% cancellation fee will apply. For cancellations received less than 3 working days prior to the course.
    • 70% cancellation fee will apply. For cancellations received within 24 hours of the course.
    • 100% cancellation fee will be applied for participant who no call no show.
Grants/Funding Support
  1. Are your training courses supported by any grants?
    Yes, we have different grant or funding for different countries.
    • Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) registered organizations: Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL), Skim Bantuan Latihan Khas (SBL-Khas) / Professional Certification Programme (1MYGRIP)
    • Ad-hoc grant *upon availability*
    • Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDeC): MyProCert (SRI) programme
    • Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme Plus (CITREP+)
    • SkillsFuture Credit
    Hong Kong
    • None for the time being.
  2. Why can’t I be certain of getting a particular funding or grant?
    Uncertainty regarding getting funding and grants exist, generally due to the following reasons:
    • Funding requirements change regularly, as funding agencies adjust policies. For example, a course that may be funded now, may no longer be funded in the future.
    • Funds dry up. In certain funding schemes, most notably the 1MalaysiaGRIP, a fixed pool of funds is available and when those are used up, the funding stops.
    • Eligibility conditions change. All grants and funding have eligibility conditions. These conditions can be complex, and changes regularly.
    If you are applying for grants or funding, aside from reading all the relevant information, the simplest way is to contact our Program Counsellor who can give you the best advise based on your situation on which grants or funding you are eligible for. Contact us at
  3. If I succeed in getting a grant or funding, but subsequently are rejected by the funding authorities for reimbursement, what will happen?
    ATD Solution would do its best to prepare applicants to sit for and pass the certification exams. However, ATD Solution cannot be responsible for any portion of course fees that applicants have failed to secure funding for, whether it is due to not achieving minimum attendance, failing to certify, or some other reasons having to do with eligibility. Applicants are advised to satisfy themselves of their confidence to fulfil disbursement criteria, and to study funds disbursement criteria carefully before registering and commencing classes.
  1. Where can I get the course pricing?
    Please contact our Program Counselor via
  2. Why have the prices for courses changed?
    ATD Solution reserves the right to adjust prices from time to time to reflect market conditions.
  3. If I paid for a training course, but the price then reduced, would I be refunded the difference?
    In the unlikely event that the course price reduced after you’ve paid for the class, but before the class has commenced, you will be refunded the difference. In addition, we would normally ensure one price for an entire class for fairness.
    However, if you are comparing prices for classes that have already ended, it means we have adjusted our pricing, and we would not entertain requests of giving back the difference.
  4. Are there any promotions or discounts for your training courses?
    From time to time, ATD Solution runs promotions and discounts, visit here . These promotions are usually specific to countries and particular courses, and have specific payment terms. Please read the promotions terms and conditions carefully. Alternatively, you may also contact our Program Counsellors for more promotion details via
  5. Why ATD Solution have different prices on the same courses for different countries?
    It is not possible to offer the same prices (on an exchange-rate basis) for different countries because the different cost structures. For example, Singapore has a much higher cost structure than Malaysia’s. These costs are then factored into the final pricing regionally.
  6. If I want to enjoy the prices of a particular country, what can I do?
    Yes, you can take the course at the particular country and enjoy the pricing of the country. Certainly, you may have to factor in travel and accommodation costs. Indeed, we often have customers abroad attend our training course in different regions.
  7. Are the published prices valid for corporate customers and customized classes also?
    The published prices are only valid for individual sign-ups. Please contact [email protected] for corporate prices or customized classes.
  8. Can I reserve a course without providing payment?
    Unfortunately, no.
    For individual customers, seat reservation will only be assigned upon full payment. Class seats will be assigned in the order of receipt of payment.
Taking & Re-Taking Exam(s), Re-sitting For Classe(s):
  1. Why do you only issue exam voucher(s) upon full payment?
    Exam voucher(s) is purchased by ATD Solution on behalf of participants. Before participant(s) made full payment, we would have already delivered the instruction and the cost material. However, vouchers are a significant upfront cost for us, hence, we need to ensure the payment has been received before releasing the exam voucher(s) to participant(s).
    This is our company policy. When you sign up for training course(s), you shall agree to this condition. This condition also applies to corporate customers and customized classes. Therefore, for organizations with multi-days payment terms, the participant(s) would only receive exam voucher(s), and can then attempt the certification exam(s) upon full payment is made.
  2. Does the issued exam voucher(s) have expiry date?
    Yes, PersonVue’s exam voucher(s) issued by The Open Group have a one-year validity from purchased date. Vouchers validity would lapse after that date.
  3. What happen if my exam voucher expired?
    If your exam voucher had expired and wish to take the exam, you need to contact The Open Group to request a one off 3-month valid exam voucher (provided this 3-month exam voucher must be requested within six (6) months AFTER the expiry date of the original voucher), for an administration fee of USD50. For this request, please direct email The Open Group-: [email protected] with the details as below, so they can then provide you with further details on how to pay etc:-
    Person Vue Registration ID:
    Voucher Number:
    Training Date:
    Contact Number:
  4. If I fail the certification exam, can I re-take the exam for free?
    For The Open Group Certification, if you fail the certification exam(s), The Open Group would contact you directly via email and offer you to re-take the exams at a special price. Please take note that you will need to wait at least one (1) month before a retake.
    For IASA Certification, if you fail the certification exam(s), ATD Solution would allow you to retake the exam for one (1) time. Please take note that you need to attempt the retake within 30 days from the first attempt.
  5. Can I re-attend the same class to prepare for exam-retake for free?
    Yes, please call your local Program Counsellor to book a seat at the next available class. This privilege is only available provided we have extra seating capacities. You will need to bring your own course materials, we would not provide second copy for you.
  6. Can I re-attend the same class, even though I haven’t attempted the exam?
    For The Open Group certification classes, if a reasonable length of time had passed from the time you attended the class to the time you take the exam, we would allow you to re-attend the same class for free. You will need to bring your course materials. Please contact your Program Counsellor to book a re-sit.