To achieve a successful Digital Enterprise, an organisation needs a comprehensive competency development plan to equip and advance their teams’ capabilities and proficiencies towards organisational excellence.

Business & Technology Integration for Digital Enterprise

The digital enterprise is an organisation that capitalises on adopting technology for its competitive advantage. With the challenges and complexities of digital enterprise, it is critical to bridge the digital gap between strategies and executions that can be addressed with the Enterprise Architecture practice. This allows an organisation to effectively establish a digital ecosystem by orchestrating its activities across business, data, application and technology domains that will realise the strategies form a vision roadmap to digital solutions.

Moving Towards a Digital Enterprise

The Competency Assessment facilitates key stakeholders and management to realise the competencies of their respective teams to perform the required job functions in relation to the specified and established performance standards. Besides identifying existing competency gaps, this approach further helps establish the professional development pathway, where HR Managers and Head of departments can determine the required training for skills development that is aligned for fullfilment of the organisation’s objectives.
For a Digital Enterprise to achieve greater success, the organisation requires to develop an Engagement Framekwork that creates and delivers valuable business technology investment effectively.

Competency Framework Based on ITABoK

The Competency Assessment is based on IT Architect Body of Knowledge (ITABoK) developed by IASA - The Global IT Architect Assosciation. The ITABoK consists of 5 Pillars of Skillsets and 4 areas of Specialisations. It described the capability and skillset that are critical to drive a total digital transformation culture can proactively steer and align the technology to support the business strategic goals

3 simple steps to start your Competency Assessment today:

  1. Planning with HR & Head of Departments on competency alignment.
  2. Self-assessment of the respective business units and departments.
  3. Generating and presenting the Competency Assessment outcomes.
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