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We are ATD Enterprise Architecture is our Specialty

We help you get more out of your IT investment

We are proud to have helped these and thousands more clients around the Asia Pacific region

We are dedicated in changing the way businesses currently use and adopt IT from a basic utility to become a strategic asset that drives business growth.

Turn Your IT Cost Into Profit

Put IT Back in Business!

As the leading business IT architecture firm in Asia Pacific, we LIVE to change the way businesses use and adopt IT through our specialised services:

ATD Consulting helps organisations adopt and implement Enterprise Architecture (EA) so that they can immediately benefit from having technology deliver strategic value to their business.
ATD Coaching helps organisations implement and adopt Enterprise Architecture by filling in knowledge gaps through a flexible and agile coaching technique that emphasises on practical skills transfer from our workshops and training programmes.
ATD Learning focuses in delivering quality information on competencies of business IT architecture through practical training with the aim to also impart and teach the ability to think technical but speak and write business.
ATD Events offers a valuable platform of knowledge exchange and networking opportunities within a wide community of industry leaders and professionals where they will also learn through the sharing of best practices among their peers.


ATD Alumni Promotion 2014 18 August – 31 December 2014

Exclusive for ATD Alumni Only: Sign up for a public course between 18 Aug & 31 Dec 2014 and ATD will sponsor your Exams.

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